General Information

The term anthropology originates from the combination of two Greek words; anthropos, which means "human being", and logia, meaning "study”. Anthropology, aiming to study human in biocultural diversity, and try to explain the gathered data by developing scientific approaches. Anthropology covers four main study fields; Sociocultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology and Archeological Anthropology.  Linguistic Antropology studies have not been conducted in our department. Since in Turkey Anthropology devoloped as a seperate The scientifc researches have been conducted on the biological and sociocultural fields of anthropology at the department.

Biological Anthropology
Biological Anthropology, that handles human biologically, studies the taxonomy, evolution, diversity, growth and development of human being.  It carries out its studies on some subdiciplines like primatology, peleoanthropology, biological diversity of human being, population genetics and forensic anthropology. There are courses in the department on human evolution, biological diversity, bioarcheology, forensic anthropology, primatology, sociobiology, moleculer anthropology, paleopathology, dental anthropology and paleodemography for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Studies on these fields focus on ancient human populations. The voluntary students may have chance to join the archeological excavations dated to different periods among Anotolia. The unearthed skeleton remains from those excavations are brought to biological anthropology lab at the department, following elaborative examination, gathered data are reported.

Sociocultural Anthropology
Sociocultural anthropology is the study of human culture and society. It examines the cultural diversity of the present and the recent past. Anthropologists attempt to understand culture through the study of its origins, development, and diversity as it changes through time and among people. It has two aspects: ethnography which based on field work and ethnology which based on cross-cultural comparison. There are introductary couses as well as special topics like  Fieldwork Methods and Techniquies, Anthropology Theories, Cultural Anthropology and Using Computer Programs in Qualitative Reseach in our department for both undergraduate and graduate students.